Children’s Health Foundation fosters change one lunch at a time by working with school lunch programs, school administrators, students, parents, communities and legislators to affect a conscious shift in our children’s attitudes toward food.

Childhood obesity is one of the most concerning health epidemics in our country today with serious implications for children and our health care system as a whole. What is clear is that school lunches and obesity are intrinsically linked, and together represent the key to healthier living through better nutrition.

Children’s Health Foundation’s award-winning, school-based programs support healthy eating habits through affordable, delicious school lunches made from scratch — lunches made from “real food.” Programs focus on the schools, because as the Surgeon General suggests, schools are a highly impactful place to reach children and transform their eating habits.

From the Lunch for Life pilot program to the Cook for America® program, Children’s Health Foundation is helping to raise a happier, healthier generation of kids who will spend less time at the doctor’s office and lead longer, more productive lives. Learn more about each of the programs made accessible through Children’s Health Foundation below.


Children’s Health Foundation has ignited a new way of thinking about the food in school lunch programs. With the work originated in the Lunch for Life Program, unhealthy, processed lunches are transformed into fresh, made-from-scratch meals. Trans fats and high fructose corn syrup can’t hide—there’s a revolution happening, a Lunchroom Revolution!


A new paradigm in the fight against childhood obesity and diet-related illnesses, Cook for America® promotes school food reform with an emphasis on holistic, systemic change. Solutions are found through food service training, chef instructor training, insightful school lunch economics and engaging young students to explore new foods and learn the joys of cooking.


Hosted at the height of Aspen’s summer season, Greenalicious is an exclusive evening featuring exquisite food prepared by top chefs, tantalizing wine pairings, a luxury live auction and original entertainment with proceeds benefiting Children’s Health Foundation programs. Renowned chefs prepare a 5-course meal for a slate of attending celebrities and Aspen notables in a spectacular mountain setting.