About Us


The mission of Children’s Health Foundation is to advance preventive and integrative health initiatives that benefit the mind, body, and spirit of children. The Foundation aims to create systemic change in schools and communities to ensure school safety, prevent childhood obesity, and reduce stress-related pathologies in children.


Children’s Health Foundation, an Aspen, Colorado-based non profit, was established in 2004 by founder Betsy Fifield. The Foundation believes that students learn to the best of their ability when they feel safe at school and have proper nutrition.

In less than five years, Children’s Health Foundation has taken extraordinary steps towards advancing our mission. We have implemented the framework for success by offering highly regarded, research-based programming and trainings to Colorado schools.

By partnering with local, regional, and national schools, foundations, government organizations, and legislators, Children’s Health Foundation has impacted the lives of more than 6,000 children.

We continue to garner support from philanthropists and national sponsors alike, establishing Children’s Health Foundation as one of the leading nonprofits in the Rocky Mountain region.


1. To increase healthy eating habits among children, prevent childhood obesity, and promote healthy school environments, programs, and practices with regard to nutrition.

2. To increase students’ safety in schools through conflict resolution programs.

3. To provide the tools necessary for students to cope positively with ever-increasing stresses in their daily lives.

4. To provide trainings that assist students in building an understanding of diversity and compassion for all people.